This page could be the start of a wonderful journey for you

Hello and welcome to Be Strong Life Coaching, I hope you are having a wonderful day


Now before you read on you may find it useful to have a pen and paper to hand.


Do you have ambitions or dreams of what you would like to do with your life? Maybe it’s to change career or to make more of the career you have. Maybe you want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle i.e. lose weight or quit smoking. Maybe you feel you would like to get more from relationships with Family & Friends.


Take a few moments to think about what your ambition is and then write it on your piece of paper.


Well done you have now taken the first step towards making your dreams a reality.


I’ll be honest with you not all of the steps along the journey from dream to reality are as easy as that one, however none will be more important. It’s the same with any journey you can’t begin to plan how you will get there if you don’t know where “there” is.


So what do you do next? Well that is up to you because you now have choices;

  • Employ a Life Coach.
  • Buy some books and coach yourself.
  • Search the web for self-help coaching sites.
  • Do nothing and let your dream remain just that.


Of course as a professional coach I would recommend the first option but only if you are ready for coaching. To find out if you are why not take my “is life coaching for me” test.


If you prefer to invest in some books then I recommend “life coach in a box” by ?? and “Be your own Life Coach” by Fiona Harrold.


Self-help websites can also be useful however it depends on exactly what your dream is as to which website to use. So go to Google and start searching.


Finally you could choose to do nothing. Do you really want to turn back, now you have taken the first step on your journey?


Whatever option you choose I wish you luck on your journey.

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